Part I

curated by Aleksandra Hirszfeld

1. Emilia Kuryłowicz - "Fast-forword"

Fast-forward (FF) relates to special feature in VHS video player. FF moves screening ahead with higher speed,but causes also many image artifacts. Emilia used this effect as a central creative point in her work.

2. Emilia Kuryłowicz - "Portret of the city"

Portret of the city shows images of Łódź reedited in a special manner. Pictures melt with each other reflecting the pace of modern urban living. Work connects in its spirit to monumental works such as ''Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt'' by Walhter Ruttman, but it is realized in modern way - a short video form.

3. Monika Masłoń - "Moment"

Short, poetic and metaphoric video about the movement and time. Movement lasts only for a short while and disappears without any notice.

4. Piotr Szczepanowicz - "xxx"

Piotr's work is based on an idea of special loop, where time and space consists in double as usual dimensions. This is achieved thanks to video projection that has became a central element of a daily story, leaving a sense of a dream rather than a real-time.

5. Ola Buczkowska - "Marta"

Marta is a one master-shot take video that studies movement and light of an object, or rather a person (Marta). Due to the use of light effects - the place seems rather supernatural than real, therefore viewers lose sense of time as well.

6. Jakub Wroński - "Synchro"

Central point of the animation film „Synchro” is simplistic study of connection between visual element and sound, which altogether builds a rhythm. Synchronization is something obvious in any feature film, here however thanks to the focus on this one element we recognize how powerful tool is it.

7. Ewa ciechanowska - "Window"

This video is a kind of timescape describing time - external, objective and internal, subjective. Window lets us experience trance which gives possibility to balance between the both states.

Part II

curated by Adam Stefaniak

1. Tomasz Papakul - "Counting"

Tomasz's work is very similar to conceptual Flux film works. It is based on observation, that time on the screen has different length than normal, or in the other words might be disturbed by in it’s perception due to special instalation effect called “a cinema”. Tomasz helps us to rediscover the real length of time with a sense of humor.

2. Dorota Zyguła - "Rozbark"

Documentary video showing detonation of old houses in mining District of Silesian city Bytom. Steady camera view builds tension and raises our sensitivity to any detail in the frame.

3. Przemysław Brynkiewicz - "Untitled" (2works)

Przemysław's untitled works are prepared for installation purposes and are rarely presented on screenings. They do not have almost any relationship with figural elements from reality and playing gently with viewer imagination. We are almost not able to distinguish if the work is looped or has some developing plot.

4. Ola Buczkowska - "..."

Simple video work that forces us to defocus from action oriented viewing to state of perceiving one place, one situation over longer period of time. “…” is a documentary shot, therefore it has also a metaphoric sense, as dots in the title equal human beings in the video. It is just enough to close eyes a little bit to discover that equation.